Water Resistance Roof Bag by Otorack

Have you ever worried about your bags and suitcases got wet because of the unpredictable weather? and looking for Roof Bag, that able to withstand every weather or condition.


Did you ever think about having crossbars, Roofrack, and Luggage Net are enough to go on a roadtrip? Well you’re right, if your luggages are already water resistance, and dustproof.

You must know that Otoracks provides you with Roof Bag, which obviously water resistance, dust and sand proof, also dirt resistance.



Roof Bag by Otorack able to carry 2 cabin suitcases, with a couple of bags, or if you and your partners choose to bring bags, it will allow you to carry more than enough bags inside of roofbags.

One thing you should remember, always put snacks and drinks inside the car, not because it is not suitable for Roof Bags, but to make you, and your partners stay hydrated, and keep the belly in a good condition. Use Roof Bag from Otorack Now, and have a safe and pleasant road trip later.

Suitable and a perfect combination for Sporty Roof Rack Universal.

10 Minutes installation

Water Resistance + Free Holder Bag

Take more bags, suitcases, and Equipments