Tonado Lock

Did you know? 

Thieves can jimmy a lock and hot wire your car, but if they can’t steer, their attempted car-jacking will be foiled. Whether you have a fancy car alarm system or not, an anti-theft steering wheel lock can serve as the last line of defense in an attempted vehicle theft. But not many of you like or have a time to attach the steering wheel lock.

Now you dont need to spend much time to lock the steering wheel, because with Tonado Lock, all you have to do is pull the lever to lock, and rotate the Tonado key in the socket to lock.


Tonado Lock Features:

  • Safe from manufacturing warranty.
  • Socket to Socket.
  • Anti Robber Mechanism.
  • Key to Unlock System.
  • Easy to Install.

Car Thievery Facts:

  • Every 33 seconds a car is stolen.
  • More than a million cars are stolen a year.
  • 40% have keys in the ignition.
  • 80% are unlocked.

To make the numbers even more low, Otoproject decided to find a new way to secure your car, and here we are with Tonado Lock. Lock Your Car Unlike Any Other Car. Simple yet smart System.

Car Tips from Otoproject, To keep your car from becoming a stolen car:

  • Always lock all doors.
  • Use Tonado Lock.
  • Roll windows up tight.
  • Install tapered interior door lock buttons.
  • Park in heavily traveled areas, always locked.
  • Engrave an identifying number on a hidden place on the car and on any valuable components to help the police identify recovered property.
  • Don’t leave any valuables in sight.
  • Don’t hide spare keys-they can be found.
  • Don’t think it can’t happen to you-act before, not after the crime.