Luggage Rack By Otorack

Did you know?

Luggage Roofrack by Otorack is the heavy duty version of our Roofracks, able to holds up to 100 Kg, even more space to take goods or suitcases wherever you go. Luggage Roofrack is easy to install and remove. Only takes 10 minutes to install Luggage Roof Rack by Otorack.

  • Perfect combination with Crossbar Premium
  • Aerodynamic features
  • Using Coated Iron Material
  • Long x Width x Height (118 cm x 92 cm x 18 cm)
  • Capacity : 100 Kg
  • Color : Black


Luggage Roof Rack (Universal)

  • Famous for its shape of looking Muscular and Spacious.
  • Coated Iron Material for Great durability, and Strength.
  • For any type of car, across generations.

Roof Rack by Otorack designed to be universal, for every car. Otorack provides universal black color to match with many car paints. If you love your car to look even more Muscular, and able to carry more goods, you should own Roof Rack from Otorack.

Suitable and a good combination for Crossbar Premium.

10 Minutes installation

Lasts long, durability guaranteed

Take more bags, suitcases, and Equipments