Front Grill Mugen Type

A better look for Honda HR-V from the very front of the car, the front grill, that replaced by the front grill Mugen Type, giving a more aggressive looks, and designed from Japan, there are two different Mugen Grills, which one of them is Japan’s, an the other one’s from Thailand. Want to get a JDM looks for your HR-V? this one is certainly for you. Available in two variations.

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Front Grill Mugen Type

Available in Japan Style and Carbon Style.

Front Grill Mugen Type by Otoproject is easy to install, all you have to do is remove the sticker from the adhesive, and plug the front grill Mugen type on top of original grill, give it a little press, and you are good to go,

Stylish never been this easy, right?