Crossbar Remarkable By Otorack

Did You Know?

Before using Roofrack or Roofbox, you should use Crossbars, 2 pcs of bars which connect from left floating roofrail to the other roofrail to create a mounting point for your Roofrack or Roofbox.

  • Crossbar Remarkable from Otorack using the finest material of aluminium.
  • Crossbar Remarkable designed to holds up to 100 Kg
  • Muscular design
  • Easy to install
  • Keys to lock in position mechanism
  • Available in Silver and Black Colors


Crossbar Remarkable

  • Famous for its shape of looking muscular, and solid.
  • Alumunium unibody for more durability, and strength.
  • Locking mechanism with keys in every side and crossbars.

Crossbar by Otorack designed to be universal, for every car. Otorack provides 2 universal colors, Silver and black to match with many car paints. If you love your car to look even more muscular, and able to carry more goods, you should own Crossbar from Otorack.

Suitable and a perfect combination for Roofbox Premium.

10 Minutes total installation

Lasts long, durability guaranteed

Take more bags, suitcases, and Equipments