Auto Window System

We would like to introduce you, to an advance technology inside a car, now you’re able to control all windows only using the remote, also automatic from every side, available for many kind of cars.

PlugNPlay Auto Window Up & Mirror Folding Dual System Features:

  • Using the remote, to open all 4 windows (Unlock, Lock, Unlock).
  • Using the remote, to open 3 cm for all 4 windows (Lock, Unlock, Lock).
  • To close all windows, using 1 clicks with smart key, using the remote (Lock, Lock), or simply walk far from the car (for selected cars).
  • To open or close window with a single press, from every side of the doors.


We Offer A Solution For:

  • They who parks their car outdoor.
  • They who often take a passengers.
  • They who wants a better practicality with their car.
  • They who wants to discover more features with their car.
  • They who wants to use the car remote, not only for open and close the door lock.

With PlugNPlay Auto Window System, you will able to discover more features in your car, basically upgrading the features, with the more advance car system. Using PlugNPlay Auto Window Up System, makes all the power window becomes automatic, means that to open the window, all you need to do is click the down window once, and the window automatically goes down, in every side of the windows.

Using PlugNPlay Auto window System also means that you able to control the windows using the car remote, very useful when parking outdoor and to circulate hot air inside the car.

How to Install PlugNPlay Auto Window System

PlugNPlay Auto Window System Features

Use PlugNPlay Auto Window System Now, Better Car Circulation Later.

All Automatic Windows | Remote to Control Windows | Smartlock to Close Window

PlugNPlay Safe For Cars, Useful For You

Available for:

  • Toyota: Innova Reborn, Grand Innova, Fortuner, Rush, Avanza, Yaris, Cayla, Sigra, Agya
  • Honda: HR-V, Grand CR-V, Jazz, City, BR-V, Mobilio, Civic, Brio
  • Suzuki: Ignis, Ertiga, Baleno
  • Mazda: Mazda 2
  • Daihatsu: Ayla, Sigra, Xenia
  • Mitsubishi: Pajero Sport, Xpander