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Gas Tank Cover

There is another important function of the fuel cap cover, it helps control flammable vapors. An example would be if you parked a car inside a hot garage baking in the summer sun.

There would be an ignition risk from the enclosed place filled with gasoline vapors leaking out of the open gas tank.

MaxMat Universal

Premium Modern Designs, Thick, Flexible, Universal.

MaxMat Universal is one of a kind.

Innovative Design to complete your personal needs, Maxmat use a premium material which doesn’t ripped in a long term use. Using MaxMat Universal means your car becomes one of a kind, because of our MaxMat designed exclusively for you.

You can feel the difference in quality and comfort from the first to so many years of using MaxMat Universal.

Go get yours, and feel the difference.

Rear Spoiler For Chevrolet Spin

A rear spoiler is designed to change the flow of air over the rear of the vehicle. This change in air flow increases downforce on the rear of the vehicle to help improve traction in an effort to prevent sliding while turning.

  • Benefit 1: Maintain Traction
  • Benefit 2: Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Benefit 3: Create a Stylish Look
  • Benefit 4: Increase Braking Stability


Trunk Tray

Trunk Tray adalah karpet bagasi untuk mobil anda yang berbahan Thermoplastic Olefin & Low Density Polyethylene (TPO + LDPE). Trunk tray mudah untuk diberisihkan dan menggunakan bahan waterproof. Trunk tray mempunyai ketinggian tepi sebesar 50 mm, memastikan mobil anda terlindungi dari tumpahan air. Instalasi trunk sangat mudah, karena trunk tray didesign akurasi yang tinggi seingga instalasi sangat presisi.

Keunggulan Produk :

  1. Anti-slip
  2. Custom fit
  3. Soft and strong
  4. Quick and easy to install

Produk Details :

Bahan               : TPO + LDPE

Warna               : Hitam

Banyaknya        : 1 pcs

Ketinggian Tepi : 50 mm