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Chrome Garnish Headlamp

Otoproject’s Chrome Garnish Headlamp protect the sides of the headlamp, and also makes the car look like one of a kind, adding extra shiny parts of the front of the car. The garnish stick out a little bit from the side of the headlamp, to cover a little gap between headlamp and the parts beside it.

Chrome Tail Lamp Garnish

Chrome Tail Lamp Garnish is good to make your car looks better, with more shiny parts, but not that much shiny, enough to make your car looks finest. Chrome Tail Lamp Garnish will protect the sides of the tail lamp, and cover the gap between the tail lamp and the panel beside it.

Deflecta Black Edition

Deflecta, is a plastic or metal panel located at the front of your vehicle. In many cases, the part is just a cosmetic piece of the vehicle, with no function other than appearance and to conceal what is behind it; some also come with provisions for things like fog lights. However, this is not always the case; there are some applications where deflecta helps to control the flow of air around your vehicle, channeling air above the car. This makes the front of the car more aerodynamic, and adds downforce that keeps your tires firmly attached to the ground at highway speeds, equaling more grip and better control/stability for your car.