MaxMat gives you the maximum comfort and safety inside the cabin. Available in 3 types, Coilmat, 3D Mat, and Universal 3Pcs Mat. Every MaxMat Carpet use premium material, for pleasant and enjoy drive. MaxMat has a great durability, so MaxMat will lasts long.

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CoilMat by MaxMat

CoilMat for car, is an idea that become a success for its purpose, giving the best result of comfortable drive, everytime, and everywhere you go.

CoilMat is made from a high quality rubber, means that CoilMat from MaxMat doesn’t smell, have great durability, and flexible to give a maximum comfort. Beyond that, Maxmat is using a strong adhesive, yet it don’t have any smell, and doesn’t wear out even though you spill any kind of liquid to the CoilMat.

More than that, CoilMat also help to absorb many kind of smell that somehow appear in the cabin. CoilMat doesn’t help bacteria to grow, but able to remove many kind of bacterias that brought from outside of the car.

CoilMat from MaxMat have a wide color variation, Beige, Brown, Mocca, Black, Red Black, Grey Black, and Brown Beige. Try CoilMat from MaxMat now, and have an amazing drive later.

MaxMat 3D

MaxMat 3D is an unique car carpet, that made specially for specific cars. Designed to trap water on the carpet, yet doesn’t slippery if the carpet is wet, MaxMat 3D use special coating to make the surface as grippy as possible. MaxMat 3D is easy to clean, and have a great durability.

MaxMat Universal

Premium Modern Designs, Thick, Flexible, Universal.

MaxMat Universal is one of a kind.

Innovative Design to complete your personal needs, Maxmat use a premium material which doesn’t ripped in a long term use. Using MaxMat Universal means your car becomes one of a kind, because of our MaxMat designed exclusively for you.

You can feel the difference in quality and comfort from the first to so many years of using MaxMat Universal.

Go get yours, and feel the difference.