Who We Are

PT. Prima Inovasindo Sukses started up in Indonesia since 2012. Engaged in suppling auto accessories complete with premium quality. We had a commitment and with hard work to move forward, we will continue to provide the best solutions and services to dealers and each of our customers by bringing in qualified labor and quality products and become a reliable business partner.

What We Proud of

Being an automotive company in the distribution of various kinds of accessories and spare parts that can be accepted Global markets, and also provides services and products International standard.







Featured Products

Day Running Lights

The purpose of daytime running lights (DRL) is to increase the visibility of other car, so that other drivers can see your car on the road. DRL are lights are located on the front of a vehicle that remain on whenever the engine is running. Unlike headlights, DRL are fairly dim and don’t illuminate the road ahead.

DRL nowadays become a way to make a car looks elegant, because of LED lights illuminate a specific parts of your car, almost every luxury cars are using DRL, and now, more car may use DRL, a premium accessories by Otoproject, make sure to install DRL for your All New Innova.

Use DRL from Otoproject now, and be elegant with your car later.

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Muffler Cutter

Sometimes when someone add one simple thing, he will make a whole picture looks perfect. This accessories is one of them, Muffler Cutter is one accessories to make your new car, or your current car looks best.

Muffler cutter used to be an accessories for luxury cars, and rarely found in typical everyday vehicles, but now your car may have a muffler cutter, and make your car looks premium. Because one do like a car with a simple accessories than a standard one.

Make sure to install your Xpander with premium accessories Muffler Cutter, only by Otoproject.

Door Sill Plate W/ Lamp

This is the accessories one must own if he want to make his car look even better, Door Sill Plate will protect the car when passengers stepping into the car. Beyond that, it will make your car looks premium. Be ready to get a great impression from your friends when they’re going with you.

One thing you should know about our door sill plate with glowing lights, each sill plate has its own fuse, so, worry for nothing about electricity malfunction with our door sill plate.

Get Door Sill Plate With Lamp from Otoproject now, and get a great impression from your friends later. Make sure to install your Honda HR-V with Premium Accessories Door Sill Plate with Light  by Otoproject.

Center Multitray Console

This accessories is one of many choices from Otoproject, Center Multitray Console is famous for storing phone, cards, or coins. This accessories categorized as an instant installation accessories, because of the product is fit with the front center armrest. One way to install is first, open the armrest, and the second, put the Multitray Console inside the armrest.

Center Multitray Console is available for certain cars, such as Innova Reborn, Grand Innova, All New Fortuner, and CRV Turbo. Center Multitray Console for many other cars will available later this year.

Get Center Multitray Console now, and have an organized items in front row later.

Our Favorite Product
PlugNPlay Auto Window Up & Mirror Folding Dual System

We would like to introduce you, to an advance technology we can install inside a car, now user able to control all windows only using car remote, and the rear side mirror that set to make the mirror safe and ready to use when user turn on the car, available for many kind of cars.

News, Event & Products

Perluasan Tol Ganjil Genap

Hai Sahabat Otoproject, bagi kalian yang sering melewati tol Jagorawi atau Tangerang, kamu perlu tau dan simpan nomor ini, segala pertanyaan mengenai Tol, dapat di hubungi melalji nomor tersebut. Jadi tidak perlu lagi khawatir atau bingung mengenai aturan baru mengenai Ganjil Genap di Tol. Uji coba ganjil genap di Tangerang ini dilakukan bagi para pengendara…

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Bukti Seriusnya Mitsubishi, Menjadi Pemegang Rekor 2 Bulan Berturut-turut Untuk Penjualan LMPV.

Hai Sahabat Otoproject, masih berbicara mengenai Mitsubishi, yang hingga bulan Maret terus menguasai segmen LMPV dengan Xpander-nya, harus menghadapi tanggung jawab yang besar, yaitu servis pertama Xpander dalam jumlah yang besar. Bengkel dan dealership baru ini berlokasi di Jalan Suryopranoto No.77-79 Jakarta Pusat. Showroom berstatus 3S (sales, service, sparepart) itu menjual seluruh model penumpang seperti,…

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